Subject: Extreme Rant Warning - Ethics of selling cars, or...

Tom Winter tom at
Sun Nov 4 17:01:44 PST 2007

>Wayne Reser <popflyz at> wrote: A Q-lister just stiffed my son.  A
verbal agreement to buy his CGT apparently meant nothing as he stiffed a 16
year-old who was attempting to buy his first car.

Wayne. Don't worry. Now your son can start looking for an S4!!!!!!

I've had cars fall through before. Yeah, it can piss one off. But usually
I've ended up with something better than what I was looking at.

Still, a bummer that it had to be a lister. I've found dealing with everyone
here a very easy experience due to the fact that there's a high level of
integrity here. Too bad that one looser has to screw it up.

Good luck to your son.

Tom '95 S6 Avant

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