PS fluid G004000M2

Mark J. Besso mbspeed at
Wed Nov 7 18:08:53 PST 2007

I've been buying 1-liter cans of CHF-11s at NAPA for ~$12 so it won't end up
being a way to save money.

Luckily, I haven't had to use much since switching from a type-44 to a


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From: Al Streicher
Subject: RE: PS fluid G004000M2

I paid $18.00 per liter at the VW dealer, listed for $23.00. White bottle
with white cap.


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From: Mark J. Besso
Subject: RE: PS fluid G004000M2

What is the cost of this latest-n-greatest, Audi-specific fluid?

If it's less than the CHF-11s that you get at most generic auto-parts stores
then this may be very good news!


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From: Al Streicher
Subject: PS fluid G004000M2

I just purchased a liter of Power steering fluid. On the invoice it says it
replaces G002000. I bought it at a VW dealer and the container has the Audi
and VW logo on the plastic container.

The question is this new product backward compatible so I can flush and
replace the old fluid in my 1990 80, non-Q? The product is made in Germany.
Range of operation -40C (-40F) to +130C (+286F).


Al Streicher
Mililani, HI.

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