Speedo tweaking

Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Sun Nov 11 18:27:23 PST 2007

That's actually for mechanical (cable) driven speedos though. The 
calibration for the electric speedo in a 5ktq is done via a series of 5 or 6 
small DIP switches on the back of the cluster.

On another note...anybody have any idea why it takes about 15 hours for any 
post I make to reach the list? Works fine for other lists and e-mails, like 
5 minutes I'll get my own post back, but for the q-list it's been taking 15+ 
hours for the last few months.

-Cody Forbes
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Al Streicher wrote:
> Cody,
> I came across this site. The last paragraph is interesting and may
> describe the problem we face.
> http://members.aceweb.com/jkcaplan/Speedofaq/speedo.htm
> Al Streicher
> 1990 80 non-Q
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> Actually I did swap wheel sets a short time ago (right after the Ohio
> trip) because the set that belongs on the white car needs tires. Both
> sets are OE 5ktq wheels, with either OE or maybe one size off sized
> tires. No change, or at least no discernable change, when wheels were
> swapped. Plus if wheel sizes were the issue the average speed counter
> in the trip display would still match the reading on the speedo. I
> don't recall the exact size on
> Al I know what you mean about running the speedo 5mph fast, but heres
> something I wasn't very clear on. The speedo is reading 10% faster
> then the trip display, AND going by those roadside "Slow the F down"
> radar speed displays the trip is a few MPH/% fast. So not only is the
> speedo reading 10% faster then the trip, it's maybe 15% faster then
> road speed. At 70mph real speed the speedo shows maybe 83. That much
> is rather annoying. My heart almost stopped a few times when I was in
> FL last week just hanging with traffic and I look down to see the
> speedo indicating over 110mph, when of course traffic was doing maybe
> 95.
> -Cody Forbes
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> '87 5ktq - Fast.
> '87 5ktq QLCC'd plus some
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> Mark J. Besso wrote:
>> Does the white car have the OE-sized tires or have they got a
>> slightly lower profile?
>> Also, tires from different manufacturers aren't consistent.  A Dunlop
>> may be slightly taller than a B.F.Goodrich, for instance.
>> Try swapping tires from your black car and measuring the accuracy
>> again.
>> ~Mark
>> Snip 

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