Speedo tweaking

Snoopy snoopy at noway.lt
Sun Nov 11 23:19:58 PST 2007

Cody Forbes wrote:
  > On another note...anybody have any idea why it takes about 15 hours for any
> post I make to reach the list? Works fine for other lists and e-mails, like 
> 5 minutes I'll get my own post back, but for the q-list it's been taking 15+ 
> hours for the last few months.

Probably something with your mail server. I checked a few previous posts, all 
arrive to my own mail server within two minutes. Maybe there is some antispam 
check, which trips over only on audifans posts, and the message is delayed. If 
you can't find any clues, contact me off list, I can read the "hebrew" 
embedded inside the email.

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