grille/headlight mask from '84 5k (sealed beam)

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Wed Nov 14 19:24:32 PST 2007

Hi I am a long ways away in California but I am interested in an ecnomical 
way to upgrade my head lights I have a 88 5TQ.
Jeff Zentner
Alta CA

88 5KTQ

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Benedikt.Rochow at writes:

I've been holding on to the grille and sealed-beam headlight carriers
and bezels from my '84 5000 so in case I ever get another Typ 44, I can
cheaply put on e-code lights.

I'm now moving out of the area (NE), and was wondering what the simplest
way to sell this kit would be. They're not in perfect shape (I'm pretty
sure several of the bezel attachment tabs need at least some glue or
reinforcement), and I'm not looking to for much money, but mostly
something for my trouble of preserving this for a number of years and of
meeting up with somebody locally (southernmost ME, northeastern MA) for
pick-up. I think I have a pair of un-warped chrome for below the driver
and pass. door windows, too. Ebay seems far too much trouble for this
sort of thing.

Is there even any interest left in this sort of thing, of have years of
import GPs of proper e-code lights satisfied all the needs of the few
remaining 44 drivers?

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