80q cruise control

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According to Bently, Cruise Control Unit is "behind instrument panel (remove
glove box). Secured with one screw (bottom) and strap.
Check your email for "word" documents.

Mililani, HI

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The cruise control on my 88 80q is no longer functioning, and I want you to
do something about it.

Actually, a little diagnostic advice would be helpful.

The pneumatic components seem to be working correctly (air bladder, vacuum
lines and vacuum switches  Haven't checked the pump yet, but wanted to see
it was getting voltage first).

The brake and clutch electrical switches checked out ok.

My bentley is not with me, so I don't have that to assist me, and I have
dived into checking the column switch or the controller yet.  In fact,  I
don't even know where the stupid controller is on this car.  Any help  here?

I did some very basic diagnostics while driving by hooking up the vacuum
pump wiring harness to my multimeter.

the setup is as follows looking at the wiring harness

   1 l       l 3

Wire 1 -- Blue / Green
Wire 2 -- Red / Brown
Wire 3 -- Red / Blue

Hitting the cruise control produced the following:

Leads 1/2  No voltage recorded.

Leads 1/3 -- Momentary spike (up to 2+ volts,) then back to 0

Leads 2/3 -- Momentary spike (up to 2+ volts,) then back to 0

Any thoughts as to what it might be?  Any idea on where the controller  is
I can do a complete diagnostic on the system?

Thank you for your support.


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