87 5kcst electrical/climate control help needed !!!!!!!!!!

john at westcoastgarage.net john at westcoastgarage.net
Sat Nov 17 14:34:49 PST 2007

Leon wrote:

>Do the license plate lights work? Its all on the same fused circuit. I
>assume you already checked that, but you may have missed it. Make sure
>that all other lights in and outside the car work, as some of them are
>I never heard of a instrument light booster, just had a look in ETKA
>and couldn't really find anything. I have no clue how it looks like
>etc, or how it would work?! How is the voltage regulator? did that
>check out?
>You might be looking at the hard to trace intermittent connections or
>bad grounds.
>Good luck
I can't find in the family album, but it's in the wiring diagram.  I 
fixed all the real lights, recoing some hack's previous repairs.  ALL 
the other lights work.  The car starts, runs, charges, and does 
everything it's supposed to do except light the cluster and clock, and 
heat properly.  John

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