t44 Euro corner reflectors (take 2)

Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Mon Nov 19 01:07:15 PST 2007

I **PREFER** the orange, lol! I know I'm a minority on that one, but I HATE the way the clear ones look. It's not a Civic after all.

I was thinking about cutting up the DOT light, just hadn't gotten that deep into it quite yet as last I looked I decided it would be alot of work. 'Course at that time I was thinking about buying a new euro reflector for $25-50, so now the DOT cutting idea seems a ton easier to do ;-)

I'll keep you guys posted on that effort.


> It may not be the most cosmetically correct option, but when I did
> the Euro's on my 200, 
> it appeared to me that the US DOT Orange corners could be made to
> fit, albit with the 
> socket for the side marker bulb removed from the backside of the US
> corner, and some 
> sheet metal fabrication of the mounting tabs to get the US corner to
> mount to the Euros. 
> One side benefit, shove an appropriate LED array in there and you
> could have functioning 
> "blinkers". One major drawback. They're orange, but they won't cost
> $100. 
> LL - NY
> On 11/18/07, Cody Forbes <cody at 5000tq.com> wrote:
> Eyvind E. Spangen wrote:
>> I'm from Norway. I have to say that the 200 was extremely expensive
>> here when new (around $100-140k), so most of the 200s on the roads
>> here are imported from Germany in the later years.
>> Finding a 200 in a Norwegian junkyard is almost impossible, but you
>> might find something in Sweden. Due to no import tax on cars, Sweden
>> have always had (and still does have) a lot more expensive and
>> bigger-engined cars than Norway. I found a pre-facelift 200 in a
>> Swedish junkyard a few years ago, but the headlights, bumper/grill
>> was already gone. A lot of people here install the 200
>> headlights/grill/bumper on their 100s because it looks a lot better..
> Well that sure hurts the chances!
>> So - difficult, but maybe possible in Sweden. Then again, probably
>> only possible together with the headlights. Now that's not bad, the
>> DOT 200 headlights are at best "not very good" compared to the
>> European ones.. ;)
> Well I've already got the European lights, thats the problem...I've
> got 
> european lights with a broken reflector.
> -Cody
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