rare triple white (white leather) '87.5 CGT in u-pull it junkyard southea...

George Selby gselby4x4 at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 28 12:31:27 PST 2007

At 03:00 PM 11/28/2007, you wrote:
>Some sttes would still allow you to register such a car - ie, here in
>NH, an 87 would have no title issued when sold anyway.  As long as you
>have a bill of sale, all you have to do is a get a slip signed by an
>inspection station saying the car with that VIN exists.
>Just in case Dave lives in an old school backwater like ours...

I've dealt with a junkyard that operates like this in Virginia for 
quite some time (likely owned by the same person, he runs junkyards 
like this all over the country, and from what you describe, it sounds 
like one of his operations.)  Anyway, typically once the car hits the 
junkyard portion of the facility the car will not be sold as a whole vehicle.

They usually take the cars in and decide what will be done with 
them.  Any car in good, running condition they will attempt to sell 
as a whole car.  If it sits for a certain length of time, it goes to 
the pick-n-pull section. Car with obvious problems - wrecked, blown 
engine, blown transmission, etc., get sent straight to the 
pick-n-pull.  They do things to the cars that make then pretty 
expensive to fix once they go there, i.e. put holes in all the fluid 
compartments (fuel tank, oil pan, tranny fluid pan.)

Incidentally, I purchased by first Audi from the facility in 
Richmond, VA.  A 86 Comm Ed coupe with the whorehouse red 
interior.  Missed out on a 2-door 4kq sedan with a turbo engine by 30 minutes.

George Selby 

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