rare triple white (white leather) '87.5 CGT in u-pull it junkyard southea...

George Selby gselby4x4 at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 28 23:24:18 PST 2007

At 04:13 PM 11/28/2007, you wrote:
>But gee, I have spares of all those...
>Say you were to buy "everything except the grill" would that fly?
>Surely some purchases would require heavy equipment like a ramp 
>truck (ie, buying a front/rear clip or somesuch)?

You could do it, but...while the prices are good, once you pay for 
everything that's on the car (get nickeled and dimed on every part,) 
it probably wouldn't be a good deal.  Another problem would be the 
title.  They aren't going to give it to you.  Company policy.  Once 
it's in the yard, it doesn't come out as a whole vehicle.  The secret 
here is the junkyard is really in the scrap metal business.  They 
make money on the car once they get it into the yard.  Any money 
derived from used parts sales is gravy, so they aren't going through 
a lot of trouble to make sure every part is sold for max dollar.  It 
sits on it's row for a set period of time, then gets crushed no 
matter what is left.

As to the clip problem, they usually don't sell whole clips (for the 
same nickel and dime reason.)  Another problem is you have to carry 
the tools in to get the clip off, and they don't allow torches or 
provide power for power tools, or compressed air.  So you have to 
have quite the portable set up in order to pull this off.  The 
average person going to a yard of this type is barely scraping by, 
and looking to save money on parts he needs to keep his car rolling.

The ones I've been to do have A-frames on wheels to facilitate engine 
removals, you can wheel the engine up to the front and dump it in 
your pick-up bed.  If you can't get it to the front, they aren't 
selling it to you.  Your problem, not their's.  Where the car was in 
the yard would determine whether the everything but the grille idea 
would work.  Say it's 30 rows deep and 10 cars in.  They aren't going 
to forklift everything out of the way for you.

George Selby 

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