Wheel fitment question

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Fri Nov 30 12:07:44 PST 2007

that *should* fit fine. the 94/5 cars were still 4x108. i had 95 90q wheels
on my 89 90q, which used the same wheels as your 4k.

but double check the size and offset with TR before you buy, with what you
have on the car. the wheels will all have diameter, width and offset marked
on them. for ex, 15x7 et40 = 15"diam, 7"w, 40mm offset. if you have 3 then
it's just a matter of getting the same size.

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> Subject: Wheel fitment question
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> I'm looking to replace a recently broken wheel and want to double check
> fitment before I order the new one.  The wheel is an ASA AR1 in 16" for my
> 4kq.  Tire rack does not list this wheel as fitting my car but does for the
> 90 quattro in 95 and 94 (but not earlier years).  Is this wheel going to be
> the correct offset for my car or did audi change things in 1994? - Tire rack
> is the only retailer of ASA in the US so I am sol if this isn't the right
> wheel.
> Thanks,
> Nate Ray

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