suspension pain protectant?

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Mon Oct 1 17:33:34 PDT 2007

POR-15 is exactly what you want. It's best to strip down to bare metal and
use their metal primer (zinc-based acid), but I'm sure it would stick to a
well-scuffed surface. The stuff is so good it sticks to your skin for a day
or two. (Even the POR-15 solvent won't take it out if you catch it too


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> Subject: suspension pain protectant?
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> Listers,
> Are there any products available which can help preserve the paint on
> suspension parts and subframes?  I am finishing up a suspension rebuild on a
> 4kq for which I repainted all of the subframes, control arms, and struts. I
> would like the new paint to last more than this winter, but road gravel is
> going to eat it up.  Is there a wax-like product that will protect the paint
> without picking up dirt and grime?
> Thanks,
> Nate Ray
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