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Thanks for the input guys... 
Next time I paint parts I'll have to use POR-15. However I've already painted my parts.  The Bentley manual makes reference to coating these parts with "undercoating wax" or something like that.  I was hoping to find a similar product, any ideas?

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Hi Nate,
When I rebuilt my suspension, I wire wheel cleaned the subframes, control arms, sway bar, struts, and springs and then painted them with gloss POR-15.  The stuff dries rock hard and withstands winter abuse vey well.
The POR-15 folks say that you can use their stuff over other paint, but that it's adhesion is only as good the adhesion of the paint underneath it to the metal.  You can visit the POR-15 website for details on preparing the surface.  Or call, they're very helpful folks.
Use the gloss rather than the semi-gloss paint.  The finish is more uniform looking and the gloss dully slightly.  I think the gloss is a harder coat(although, I could be wrong).
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