Stock 20v EFI on 2.3 10v?

Eyvind Spangen 200q20v at
Fri Oct 5 10:28:33 PDT 2007

I've been playing with an idea. I have a '89 100Q with the ever-troublesome CIS system, and I have a 7A parts engine (parts like cams, cam cover, crank etc. missing) with complete wiring loom etc.

How would it be to install the 7A EFI system on the 10v NA engine? I know I need a fuel rail and some other stuff, but how do you think it will work? It could be an interesting experience, and I could throw out the CIS system..

Another possibility is to rebuild the 7A engine and put it into my car. How big a difference is it really between the 10v and 20v NA engines?

E. Spangen

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