Window stuck in down position 95 90 sport q

Tony Hoffman auditony at
Fri Oct 5 17:34:58 PDT 2007

And, to add to Kneale's response,

You can jumper past the swtich to get the window up if that's the
case. Pull the switch (either the drivers door or the one with the
problem. On one side there are four wires/contacts, IIRC. On the other
side are two. One green, one black. Run a pair of jumper wires from
the battery or other sourse, one with power, one with ground. Stick
one wire in each of the two (black and green) terminal holes. One way
is up, switch power and ground around, and that's down. This will at
least roll the window up for you. Then, if this works, you definately
have a switch or power source problem. Prob for power and ground. I
can walk you through with the schematics if you need (I have them for
a '93, should be the same). If you have power and ground there, you
definately have a bad switch. Of course, you and always just swap it
with one from another window as well.

Hope this helps,
Tony Hoffman

On 10/5/07, John Stanton <jjs3rd at> wrote:
> Have had erratic window functionality going on a few months.  Was quirky and
> worked when car cooled down but now window is stuck in down position for
> over a week.  My guess is a burnt relay.  But since my Bentley CD no longer
> functions (previous post) I need some help diagnosing problem.

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