Window stuck in down position 95 90 sport q

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Fri Oct 5 18:28:48 PDT 2007

To clarify none of the window switchs work and the drivers window is half way down

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>And, to add to Kneale's response,
>You can jumper past the swtich to get the window up if that's the
>case. Pull the switch (either the drivers door or the one with the
>problem. On one side there are four wires/contacts, IIRC. On the other
>side are two. One green, one black. Run a pair of jumper wires from
>the battery or other sourse, one with power, one with ground. Stick
>one wire in each of the two (black and green) terminal holes. One way
>is up, switch power and ground around, and that's down. This will at
>least roll the window up for you. Then, if this works, you definately
>have a switch or power source problem. Prob for power and ground. I
>can walk you through with the schematics if you need (I have them for
>a '93, should be the same). If you have power and ground there, you
>definately have a bad switch. Of course, you and always just swap it
>with one from another window as well.
>Hope this helps,
>Tony Hoffman
>On 10/5/07, John Stanton <jjs3rd at> wrote:
>> Have had erratic window functionality going on a few months.  Was quirky and
>> worked when car cooled down but now window is stuck in down position for
>> over a week.  My guess is a burnt relay.  But since my Bentley CD no longer
>> functions (previous post) I need some help diagnosing problem.

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