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Sat Oct 6 07:47:54 PDT 2007

I don't agree Ben's whining, maybe challenging folks like you and me.   
'Regular folks' should know Ben as well as they know you.  After 10 years  on this 
list, I learned there are newbies and not-so-newbies.  I put Ben in  the 
latter category easily.  Which means, I make the assumption he has done  the 
'obvious', and that this EFI 10vt car is cavitating the fuel pump.  As  a rule, the 
stock lines and pumps can handle ~350HP, then they really should be  addressed 
with some other mod.  I suspect line diameter would do it, but  the Walbro 
alternative pumps could do the trick, and are pretty standard in  the Japanese 
cars (ala my supercharged 4.5L DOHC landcruiser).  
On occasion, those outside the envelope are looking for deep  solutions.  I 
find Ben's post challenging, not insulting.  It appears  he's added enough 
power to the 10vt that deeper solutions might be  necessary.  I rarely post, 
certainly not to the newbies, as I feel that's  what 'search' is for in the 
archives.  When I see something new being asked  regarding the 'old' 10vt 
applications, I'm in quickly.
Huw, I would think the outcome of this might be good for your FAQ  pages.  
After visiting Ben's home garage, the thought of a 'newbie'  question, seems 
oxymoronic to me.  I'd encourage you don't confuse his  looking for higher level 
thinking for anything but that.
Scott J
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audi at humanspeakers.com writes:

>  Come on guys..

Quit whining.

You posted like a newb with a fp  prob, but expected deep solutions. 
Sorry if some regular folks tried to  help...

Huw Powell


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