[urq] Better fuel pump needed

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Sat Oct 6 10:40:34 PDT 2007

Well folks

It seems to me like normal that to any question, people chime in their 
experiences, and the the person who posed the question makes the 
conclusions and decisions based on info that came in, and not he other 
way around. No question, or suggestions based on experience can be 
trivial, because they consolidate the picture, and therefore help, Ben 
in this case, to find a solution. Those suggestions already covered are 
easily discharged and other taken in and acted upon.

What was established within the exchange is not trivial at all.

Cody has established that 044 CIS pump is well sufficient for the job in 

Scott has established that fuel supply can be a problem, and suggested 
the solution.

We all know that on Urq the f/pump supply can be a problem.

Based just on these three facts, one could make some clear conclusions, 

- One could install in-cabin f/pressure gauge and establish for sure the 
f/pressure behaviour.
- To establish if there is a supply problem, one could monitor the 
engine behaviour with full, and low on fuel tank. If there is any line 
restriction in fuel supply, it would show with this test.
- To establish/eliminate completely the supply problem one could 
slightly pressurize the fuel supply, or run separate line from separate 
tank sitting on the back shelf.
- Considering that pump circulates the fuel in quantity well over 
quantity needed for the engine, and supply to injectors is controlled by 
FPR, the one should establish if there is FPR problem, which there could 
well be, since Ben had manifold pressure/vacuum problem before, and FPR 
is normally controlled via vac/press line, one could install adjustable 
FPR and see what happens.

To cap it all, it could be that when Ben instals new pump, the problem 
could be gone, so this problem could be indeed trivial, although 
consecutive f/pump failures on same car, which could be quality related, 
but also suggests otherwise.

So, if I was to suggest something magically trivial, I would say: The 
best and cheapest is to install f/press. gauge and go from there.

Sorry Scott, there are no deep or shallow solutions, there are only 
solutions for problems, which in the end are always based on the owners 
subject knowledge, and always end up to be totally logical, as soon as 
the culprit is found. It is only owners knowledge and experience that 
makes a problem or a solution magical or trivial.

Anyway Ben, one shouldn't be critical about any input from the list, 
because it does exactly what is made for; to help to find a solution for 
the problem that the owner isn't able to solve on his own, so I'd say: 
Folks, keep on chiming in, noting is trivial and no solution is magical. 
What works magically is pooled knowledge, and this group worked its 
magic thousands of times before.



QSHIPQ at aol.com wrote:

> Huw
>I don't agree Ben's whining, maybe challenging folks like you and me.   
>'Regular folks' should know Ben as well as they know you.  After 10 years  on this 
>list, I learned there are newbies and not-so-newbies.  I put Ben in  the 
>latter category easily.  Which means, I make the assumption he has done  the 
>'obvious', and that this EFI 10vt car is cavitating the fuel pump.  As  a rule, the 
>stock lines and pumps can handle ~350HP, then they really should be  addressed 
>with some other mod.  I suspect line diameter would do it, but  the Walbro 
>alternative pumps could do the trick, and are pretty standard in  the Japanese 
>cars (ala my supercharged 4.5L DOHC landcruiser).  
>On occasion, those outside the envelope are looking for deep  solutions.  I 
>find Ben's post challenging, not insulting.  It appears  he's added enough 
>power to the 10vt that deeper solutions might be  necessary.  I rarely post, 
>certainly not to the newbies, as I feel that's  what 'search' is for in the 
>archives.  When I see something new being asked  regarding the 'old' 10vt 
>applications, I'm in quickly.
>Huw, I would think the outcome of this might be good for your FAQ  pages.  
>After visiting Ben's home garage, the thought of a 'newbie'  question, seems 
>oxymoronic to me.  I'd encourage you don't confuse his  looking for higher level 
>thinking for anything but that.
>Scott J
>In a message dated 10/6/2007 1:39:09 A.M. Central Daylight Time,  
>audi at humanspeakers.com writes:
>> Come on guys..
>Quit whining.
>You posted like a newb with a fp  prob, but expected deep solutions. 
>Sorry if some regular folks tried to  help...

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