[urq] Better fuel pump needed

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Sun Oct 7 08:30:02 PDT 2007

Here I see that Ben put up a post, he clearly identified the fuel pump  as 
the issue.  Which *indicated* to me that he's already cked the simple  stuff.  I 
guess he could put that in to deter the simple stuff, but instead  he 
reiterated that the pump was at issue.  I read between the lines, and  figure when I 
see a post like this, the (and as a tech - assume) simple stuff  has been 
done.  When I see it from Ben, I also know that if he discovers  something other 
than the pump in doing the pump, he posts up his results, and  laughs at 
himself first.
All good things, and the makings of a good thread of posts.  I reread  Ben's 
first post, he clearly identified the cause, the question was "what  options 
are available in terms of Fuel pumps?".  Filters, screens,  disbelief, all tend 
to start lives of their own.  IMO/E this is how  you lose some of your more 
seasoned posters.  BTDT with his issue is  different, tell your story.  That's 
what made this list addictive so many  years ago.  And, as I watch Ben do that 
BTDT with Steve B's MC swap, I  remain hopeful.
Back to lurking with my .02
Scott J

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