Water temp sensor

John Lagnese jlagnese at massed.net
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Not familiar with that car, but my 90 - 92 Jettas had 2 temp sensors. The
EKTA for your car shows a 4 pin #078919501B and a 2 pin thermal switch #
357919369F. These two are on the same water pipe. The other is a 3 pin
#078919529D. This looks to be a rectangular unit.

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Hi All,

I bought a new water temp sensor for my wife's '99 A6QA but iy appears 
to he wrong part.  The one I got is green with sort of a horseshoe 
shaped connector.  The one in the car is blue with a square shaped 
connector.  It's on the rear of the passanger's side head,  right? Am I 
looking at the right part?


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