Spam: Help with center driveshaft parts, 4000Q, 5000Q and 100Q

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The hanger bearing, u-joint, and CV joints for the driveshafts are not
available from Audi. Audi only sells complete driveshafts at a price that
requires a second mortgage on your primary residence.
Over the years listers have found parts from other cars that fit the Audi
driveshafts. The hanger bearings usually require some welding to make the
tabs fit the Audi mounts. The U-joints in the UrS cars are staked in place,
not clipped, so replacement requires machining grooves for clips (if you can
find a u-joint that matches).
This is the list that I've compiled:

99-05 Suzuki Grand Vitara (Precision U-Joint #448 mfg by PRECISION UNIVERSAL
JOINT (0746079)) for Audi 4000 (Jeremy Ness)

Neapco 1-0013 for Type 44 (K. Bogach)

Driveline Service in Portland, OR. (503) 289-2264. They have a joint made by
GWB of Germany. P/N 287000600000 exact OE fit for the 4Kq (Denis).

CV Joint:
Porsche CV joint # 923 332 03200 25 spline, 100 mm diameter CV joint for UrS
cars available aftermarket only (obsolete Porsche part number) (Mark

Hanger Bearing: Audi 5000,
100, 200, UrS (Bill Mahoney)

Meyle Products . . Center support (Drive shaft) - Art. No. 014 041 0045 and
Meyle Products . . Ball Bearing  - Art. No. 014 098 0017 for Type 44 (SJ)

BMW hanger bearing (p/n BMW 26 12 1 209 532)for Type 44, UrS (Jimmy Pribble)

Center support bearing is a BMW part 26121227469 for UrS (Rokas Reipa)

BMW part # for 4kq carrier bearing: Drive shaft carrier bearing BMW
#26-12-1-209-532(includes bearing, bracket, rubber) (Denis)


Fred Munro
'97 S6

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Yes, I need help...I have search around but found nothing concrete,
especially for my 89 100 quattro with Torsen center diff, the drivesahft is
a bit shorter then the 5000, and I need to replace the center bearing and
hanger on four driveshafts, possibly the end cv's and ujoints as most of
them have high miles. I am looking for part numbers for replacement parts,
everywhere I see pics of the part used but no numbers. I work in wholesale
autoparts, so sourcing the stuff is no problem, I just need
numbers...u-joints, center hangers and bearings, end cv joints for 1986
4000Q, 1987 and 1988 5000TQ and 1989 100Q.
Thanks for any help

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