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I just checked on AllData and I was almost correct last night ;-). The  
one on the radiator is for the fans only, the one you need is indeed  
the one just behind the passenger cyl head. BTDT, and that should fix  
your problem. You were given the wrong part, they (dealers) usually  
stock them so you should be able to exchange no problem.

Your miss can be tricky on these cars, but there are some basics.  
Valve cover gasket leaks are common. Pull your plug wires out and look  
for oil puddles in the spark plug holes. While there check your plugs  
(if theres oil soak it up with a rag first!) and give them a look.  
Beyond that another somewhat common issue is coil breakdowns... try  
getting thme wet with a spray bottle of water while it's running and  
watch for arcing. Do the same with the plug wires.

-Cody Forbes

Quoting Bill Shaw <b.shaw at comcast.net>:

> I have 2 issues,  they're probably independent.  The one I'm chasing
> with the new sensor is that the gage drops to 0.  Sometimes it seems to
> work OK,  other times it's off the bottom of the scale.  So I should be
> looking for the sensor up bu the radiator ,  not on the bypass pipe at
> the rear of the head?
> Second problem is an intermittent misfire.  I got an error code that
> said 'intermittent misfire' IIRC,  nothing more descriptive.  The dealer
> would just throw parts at it,  coils, wires, modules.  I'm hoping I can
> solve a little smarter,  and not just shotgun it,  but not sure where to
> start.  It seem so pop more at low rpms,  and part throttle,  seems to
> run much better at high rpms and wot.  Any thoughts on how to isolate
> the problem?
> Thanks,
> Bill
>> Cody Forbes wrote:
>> Bill Shaw wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I bought a new water temp sensor for my wife's '99 A6QA but iy appears
>>> to he wrong part.  The one I got is green with sort of a horseshoe
>>> shaped connector.  The one in the car is blue with a square shaped
>>> connector.  It's on the rear of the passanger's side head,  right? Am
>>> I looking at the right part?
>> There are two. The green one goes up by the radiator in the lower hose.
>> Which one you need depends on the problem you are facing. I've replaced a
>> dozen of each on customer cars! I tend to get them confused, but IIRC the
>> one up by the rad is for the gauge and fans, the one on the back of the
>> passenger cylinder head is for the ECU.
>> Whats your code/complaint/etc?
>> -Cody Forbes
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