5 seconds of cranking to start

frank j. bauer frankbauer at thevine.net
Mon Oct 8 20:45:37 PDT 2007

instead of looking at the picture i can look at the real thing.
maybe if you have a picture of the other one to show me i'll get buyer's 
when you find that write up in the archives you will also find phil's 
recommendation to buy the cis fuel pressure gauge at a really good deal 
from jc whitney.
here is a reference to phil's own usage of the very tool which you are 
so quick to disparage without actually seeing or using one:


cobram at juno.com wrote:
> JC Whitney is...JC Whitney.  Just look at the pictures of what you get,
> for the same money let the buyer choose.  


> I tried the archives, but gave up.  Phil Paine had a really good write up
> that applied to all the CIS turbos, wish I had saved it.

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