13mm allen - where to get?

Britt Crowell Britt at BrittCrowell.com
Wed Oct 10 19:16:06 PDT 2007

I appreciate everyone's comments. I had already thought about the M8 bolt 
thing (didn't know it was an M8 bolt till I was at the hardware store 
tonight). I don't have a welder, so tonight I JB welded three nuts on the 
end of the M8 bolt and by tomorrow afternoon I'll see if I can get the 
inserts out with it. if the JB doesn't work, I'll find someone that can do a 
quick spot weld, and try that, if still no joy, I'll spring for one of the 
expensive socket sets or grab a jar of Vaseline and chase down a MAC tools 

Speaking of McGyverisms I fixed the cruise on my A8 for like $5, should work 
for any Audi that the plastic piece on the vacuum mech breaks:

Thanks Everyone!

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