More NF idle problems - more specific

Dave C dconner at
Thu Oct 11 09:48:00 PDT 2007

Hello Eyvind,

I think this could be due to a faulty idle switch.  On the NF engine it is
located on the throttle body.  These can become intermittent due to age,
etc.  Bentley describes how to test the idle switch.  You could also try
fiddling with the throttle mechanism when the car is idling high to see if
it has an effect, causing it to settle down.  Let us know what you find.

- -
David Conner

Eyvind wrote...

"When I first start the car with the ISV connected, it will jump straight up

to around 2000 rpm, stay there for a few seconds and then go down to around

400 rpms, sometimes stalling too. If I unplug the ISV, the car will idle

almost like it should, just a bit higher. (around 950-1050 rpm)

It looks like the ISV is causing the trouble. I've cleaned it and it looks

just fine inside, but is there a possibility that the ISV itself is broken?"


E. Spangen

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