Was: Re: 13mm allen - where to get?

john at westcoastgarage.net john at westcoastgarage.net
Thu Oct 11 11:03:59 PDT 2007

Kneale Brownson wrote:

> I don't know.  Looks like his system would go together easier and last 
> longer.  Have you ever tried to insert one of those little grommets 
> into its keeper fingers on the vacuum motor bracket?  I ended up 
> bending the metal fingers trying to get the darn thing replaced. 
> */John Larson <westcoast at mypowerpipe.com>/* wrote:
>     Considering the real part (811 907 423), which is readily
>     available, sells for less than 2 bucks, I'd say you may not be as
>     clever as you thought ........... John
Yes, I've tried.  I buy the grommets 10 at a time, and probably install 
at least one a month.  I'm not saying his solution isn't good, it's just 
a lot more expensive than doing it right.  Maybe more work, as well.  John

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