[urq] MC-2 vs. WX Flywheel question

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Sun Oct 14 15:23:56 PDT 2007

Thanks Patrick (and others)!

OK, I guess I need to procure a MC flywheel.  I'd rather not drill ...

As I noted, I do have a line on a 200 flywheel, I was just trying to find a
quick solution as the engine's already in the car.  

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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Steve , it won't work . There's only one way all the bolts will fit .
You can not put it on at a different angle .

What you need to do is carefully measure the position of the pin on the
orignal flywheel , drill a 4mm hole in the new one , and hammer in a
piece of masonry nail . Or any steelpin of the right dial .
Or let a machine shop take care of it if you don't have the maens to do it
right .

The position of that pin controls the entire ignition timing , and there's
no way
to adjust it unless you reprogram the chip in the ecu .
If the pin is 0,5° off position , the entire ignition will be 0,5° off .
So it has te be dead on . The best way is to make some kind of drill guide .


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Thanks Ado!  I had also heard this, but I've gotta say the mounting holes
look to align perfectly.  Is your post based on actually trying to install
the flywheel at the incorrect rotation?

The other thing that has me wondering is that I do know that some
replacement flywheels don't come with a TDC mark ... the instructions have
you scribe the flywheel when it is installed.

I'll try crossposting to the big list too ... yours was the first response.
We will try to install the WX flywheel at the offset ... it will be readily
apparent whether or not it works.  Right now my only candidate for a proper
flywheel is a two or more day trip away ...

Does anyone on the list have the difference in timing angle between the WX
and the MC?  I know I've heard it before, but can't find my notes.  It would
be good to have confirmation that the angle difference is the same as 360
divided by the number of mounting holes.

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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Visually they might look same, but spacing of the flywheel mounting
holes is done in sequence, so that would fit in only one position, hence
the absence of markings or position pin. Repositioning the pin is the
way to go.


urq wrote:

>Interesting note on the flywheel.  John showed me that if you offset the WX
>flywheel by one mounting bolt hole the pin lines up with the MC flex plate
>pin.  It seems like all we need to do is to make a new TDC mark on the
>flywheel and we're good to go.  Does anyone know if we're missing
>>From my look at the holes there does not seem to be any of them which are
>offset from the others.
>Steve B
>San José, CA (USA)

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