Window stuck in down position 95 90 sport q

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Oct 18 15:20:46 PDT 2007

> Some things that I may have not communicated.  None of the windows were or
> are working including the sun roof.  This is why I originally was thinking
> of a centralized problem.  Are the window switches wired in series or
> parallel?
> I could not locate a window fuse.  Not in the panel under the hood nor in
> the owners manual.  Could it be that simple as the lost fuse?  Is there and
> where is the window fuse?

Although this might not apply to your car, it is the case a few years 
before.  Two things tend to be common to the window/roof operation. 
First, they get their power through these little circuit breakers that 
are mounted in the aux relay panel.  They are about 1/4" by 1" by 3/4" 
and silvery in color.  Second, if your roof and windows work(ed) after 
you turned off the key until you opened a door (in normal use), there is 
a module that controls this.  It might be bad, or a connection to it 
might be bad.  It controls power to both the roof and windows...

Huw Powell

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