Chasing stumble

Bill Shaw at
Fri Oct 19 19:28:01 PDT 2007

Hi Tony,

I get 2 malf codes from vag-com...

16684 -  Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected
          P0300 - 35-10 -  - - Intermittent
16685 -  Cylinder 1: Misfire Detected
          P0301 - 35-10 -  - - Intermittent

I ohmed out the plug wires and put in new plugs when I did the belt 
about 4 months ago.  Doesn't seem to do it at idle,  does it cold and 
warm and almost exclusively at lower RPMs.  Seems to run good at WOT.  
There's about 130k on the car.

Tihol suggested unplugging the maf and see if it goes away,  an 
excellent suggestion that I'm going to try tomorrow when the wife gets 
home with it.



Tony Hoffman wrote:
> Bill,
> Hoping I can help here, if only a little. This should be the 2.8L 30V
> engine, IIRC. Is this hapening all the time, or only when cold? Have
> you checked the plugs yet? How many miles on the car? Some of the
> early 30V A4's had problems with plug wires also, and that's the same
> engine as yours. As they (A4's) are much more common, they are what I
> have more experience with. You don't get a specific cylinder misfire?
> They generally give that, also. But, not always, of course.
> Anyhow, any more info you can give will help. If you do end up
> throwing parts at it, I'm sure you would at least like them to be
> educated guesses.
> Also, does it miss at idle? Or, is it only when pushing on the throttle in gear?
> Tony Hoffman
> On 10/18/07, Bill Shaw < at> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I'm chasing a stumble in my 99 A6QA.  It seems to be the worst at low
>> RPM and at throttle tip-in.  The EMC returns an error code,
>> intermittant misfire,  but that's all the info I can get from it.  I
>> guess it's time to start swapping parts and see if I can make it go away
>> like they do at the dealer.  Anyone happen to have a spare coil pack
>> that I could borrow to test with before I go buy a new one? I hate to
>> just throw $150 at it in hopes of fixing it.
>> Best,
>> Bill
>> '99 A6QA
>> '84 928s 5.0L Vortech/749
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