roadside help needed.

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Sat Oct 27 23:49:49 PDT 2007

I can't help with a mechanic reference.  So I hope I can help with some

Initially I thought of the issue where the brake master cylinder overheats
and causes the brakes to apply.  Then I read of the recent flush and
remembered when a friend had a car serviced by Walmart and the wrong fluid
was put in the wrong system and her brakes locked down tight later on the
way home.

I'm pretty sure that this is not an ABS malfunction.  I believe if it were,
it would be nonexistent with all power off and just trying to move the car

There's really not anything about your braking system that is any different
than any other car.  The power assist is supplied by the Pentosin system.
But we're not talking about 2nd party assist.  We're talking about 1st
person mechanical application of the brakes.  That's where I really feel the
focus should be on the fluid in the system.  If the wrong fluid is present,
seals swell/leak, and heat has way more impact potentially. 

How much driving occurred between the bleed on Tuesday and tonight?

**** I would suggest and hope that a full flush/bleed with proper fluid
would alleviate the problem enough to make the car driveable, given your
situation. ***

What kind of fluid was in it before the bleed on Tuesday?
What kind of fluid was added when the bleed was done on Tuesday?
Even if brake fluid was used, some types of brake fluid are not compatible
with others.
What sort of service person/shop did the bleed?

Colorado Springs

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> Subject: roadside help needed.
> any listers near or around Rock Springs Wyoming or know of a 
> good mechanic willing to work sundays?
> Car is a 91 200q20v with apparent brake issues.
> rear calipers would not release (ebrake cable OK) I was able 
> to release pads by manually pushing out pads. At same time 
> there was a speed related rubbing noise coming from the 
> front, while pulling into the breakdown lane the car was 
> abrubtly halted by locked breaks.
> Car cannot be moved eitehr forward or reverse nor could it be 
> pushed off the highway by hwy patrol.
> Could this be an abs computer malfunction? new ufo rotors and 
> pads were just installed and the system was bled on tuesday.
> any help would be appreciated, I can be reached on my cell at 
> 408 813 8839. Please excuse any typos as this is being typed 
> on my mobile phone.
> thanks in advance for any and all help.
> I.S.Gall
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