roadside help needed.

isgall at isgall at
Mon Oct 29 12:34:23 PDT 2007

Seems like you were the closest Brett. either the transmission or
front differential has failed.

Bled the brakes and all 4 wheels moved when the car was raised and in neutral.

Attempting to put the car in any gear when raised even after the rear
diff was disconnected would still result in a stall with clunking from
the transmission/diff area. Limited movement (less tha one half wheel
rotation possible)

Due to time constraints I'm renting a uhaul and towing it another 1000 miles.

Thanks for the help q-listers...

On 10/28/07, Brett Dikeman <brett at> wrote:
> On Oct 28, 2007, at 2:33 PM, I.S. Gall wrote:
> > Brett,
> >
> > Stuck master cylinder is what I've been told a few times. It's
> > possible that the new unit which was installed on Wednesday was
> > faulty and took 2000 miles to fail? We've beed towed to Rock
> > Springs, Wy where pretty much everything is closed on Sundays.
> >
> > What throws me off is that doesn't it needs input from me hitting
> > the breaks to stop? The car screeched to a halt without my foot
> > even being on the pedal. The brakes are still stuck over 12 hrs
> > after initial lockup.
> Oh.  Hmmm.  Are you sure the transmission is free?  I had a
> transmission seize on me because of a fluid leak that drained it.
> However, it was obvious- I couldn't shift gears, neutral was jammed
> as well (I think, I forget exactly.)
> If you can jack it up easily, see if any individual wheel rotates
> freely.  Even with a seized transmission, there will be play in the
> driveshafts/differentials.
> > Could there be another issue besides the master cylinder?
> Sure, though not sure what; maybe the power booster crapped out?
> Sorry, I didn't read closely enough to see that the MC was new. I
> guess it *could* be it failed, but you're right, that is very odd.
> Time to enlist professional help, I think.
> Brett


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