Doing the Blower Motor Shuffle

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Mon Sep 3 06:54:33 EDT 2007

I did this on my 200Q, that is pulled up the airbox to get access to the
blower motor. I did use a steak separate the goo that attaches
the airbox to the firewall. It's VERY well glued (the stuff restuck, even
I ran the knife through it) so a bit of force is required to separate them,
it can be done.


On 9/2/07, Eric Huppert <ehuppert at> wrote:
> Alex,
> Second Steve's vote on this! Done this job way too many times, only did
> the
> cut route one time. (sons car!) It's messy, and doesn't really save that
> much time. As Steve stated, lift the box up just enough to get t the motor
> out. Often it's a little tricky getting the muter oriented properly...
> Should really only take two hours if done properly...
> Eric
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