4kq control arm bushings

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If you  have someone else press out the old, and in the new, MAKE SURE
you have the  control arm properly supported. I've seen quite a few
over the years  squeezed together by someone who wasn't that careful.
The proper way to do  this is a pipe threugh the center of the CA while
pressing out. That way it  doesn't bend inward.

Also, if you are planning on a rear sway bar at  any time, and are
going to replace the CA's all the way around, buy two  sets of fronts.
That way, you have the outer provisions for the bar, and  just have to
fabricate supports for the center of the  bar.

Tony Hoffman

> At 03:35 PM 8/24/2007, Tom Love  wrote:
> >Went to replace the control arm bushings on the '87  4kq and found
> >they were all welded in. Seems to be a factory job.  Have any of you
> >come across this before?

I'd done the CA bushings on my 4k, 4ks and 80q with no problems by  using a 
ball joint press rather than the more awkward standup  press. The process I 
follow is this:  
1)  Place new bushings in Freezer (the theory is that this will reduce  
overall diameter slightly and make installation easier).
2)  Remove CA from car.
3)  place in vise.
4)  separate inner metal "sleeve" from rest of CA bushing.  
5) hacksaw or sawzall bushing being very careful to keep from cutting the  
control arm.  This 1/8-in slice greatly reduces the pressure between the  
bushing and the CA. 
6) press out old bushing using a "ball joint press" that has been  borrowed 
from Autozone or Advance auto parts.  (at this point, it's  probably easier to 
hold the ball joint press in the vise, rather than the  CA.)  An electric or 
pneumatic impact wrench works well here.  You may  also need to cut or fold the 
"lip" of the bushing to fit within the press  cups.  larger diameter sockets 
work great for getting just the right size  to press out the bushing.
7)  Press in new Bushing.
8) Repeat until all bushings have been replaced.
I have to admit that I have even done the above while the CAs were still on  
the car.  it will work, but believe me, a vise makes live much  easier.
All in all, if you can buy new CAs with the bushings pre installed, it's  
worth the $25 or $30 difference per CA.  Such Frivolity is rarely an option  for 
Charleston SC
88 80q

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