[s-cars] VWoA Announces Relocation of Headquarters to Northern Virginia, ...

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"We want  to connect with our customers better, and these changes
will help us do  that."

Very interesting press release. Having worked for them, this appears to be  
"more of same corporate double speak" that most businesses this size use  
daily. I can easily visualize the board room meeting where most of this was  
constructed. Not one word how the catch phrase "connect better with customers"  will 
result from this move. $6 million in incentives from Virginia,  workforce 
downsizing, and Michigan not being import friendly, probably have  much more to 
do with the move.
We all know first hand how they "connect with customers"!! This  customer 
simply wants some support for the cars they produce! No magic formula,  location, 
or secret business methodology - just simple customer care  & support!!

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