Somewhat NAC, but relevant - where to get a wireless serial cable - huh?

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Mon Sep 10 12:20:50 EDT 2007

Interesting.  I can buy a mouse that contains the same wireless serial
communications  that I’m looking for for under $30, but just to get the
wireless sans other functions, we’re talking over $200.  


No Way!





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- huh?


Basically you want to access your Megasquirt unit wirelessly, right?

This looks like it'll work (you might need a 25-pin adapter but those are

On 9/10/07, Ben Swann <benswann at> wrote:

OK wireless cable is somewhat of an oxymoron, but that is essentially the
function.  I have been working on tuning my Megasquirt configuration using an
IBM Thinkpad laptop.  The tiny mouse rubber is too difficult for me to use  in

the car, so I got a wireless mouse that connects to the USB port – would be
nice for them to have let this go to the mouse port so I don't tie up my only
USB port, but anyway that problem is resolved for now.

However – I would like to be able to take my laptop out of the car without
dealing with the serial cable that is used to communicate with and probram the
Megasquirt unit.  Even better if I could locate the unit where I don't have to

touch it.  Presently there is a 9' serial cable – DB9 one end and DB25 the
other end with DB9-25 adaptor going into the laptop.  It is a pain to deal

So does anyone make an adaptor that plugs into DB9 port on laptop the provides

a wireless serial interface?  Could not believe the lack of things like this
at Circuit city – did not even find a DB9-DB9 cable.


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