Can I retrofit fuel pump on type 44 with 43mm one?

Kneale Brownson knealeski at
Wed Sep 12 07:10:09 EDT 2007

Just to be clear, Konstantine, you don't want the mounting fixture from an S-car tank, you want one from a 1991 200 (or possibly a V8) tank.  Should be available from the used parts suppliers.  I've never seen a separate part number for the mounting.  Someone who's going to throw away a leaking fuel tank could get you that part easily.

kbogach <kbogach at> wrote:  Kneale, thank you very much! I did not think about removing whole 
support system. But, why not? Great! Now I wounder how much that 
piece of plastic cost. Do you know? S-car piece probably should have 
roughly the same cost, I think.


Kneale Brownson wrote:
> The mounting systems are anchored to the bottom of the tank with nuts 
> on studs. I think 10 mm. You can take the older system out and 
> install one from a 1991 and then install the smaller diameter pump 
> with the sleeve as described on Chris's website. When I installed a 
> S-Car tank in my 200q20v, I had to change the base mountings in order 
> to use the 200 smaller sleeve and pump because the S-car base mounting 
> had a different structure where the pump sleeve fits. You can see 
> the fixture attached to the bottom of the tank in my image at 
> */kbogach /* wrote:
> My 200tqa has older 3 legs support system, info on Chris Miller's
> site
> does not apply in this case, I believe. So far, I replaced mine with
> used one from junk yard twice. All three were humming. Could it be
> that the problem is somewhere else? All pressures tests are fine
> though. Anyway, it would be nice to retrofit smaller pump - it cost
> less and quieter.
> Thanks in advance,
> Konstantine
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