Can't open trunk '87 4000CS

Ben Swann benswann at
Thu Sep 20 07:01:19 PDT 2007

Turn clockwise to 2:00 position. This unlocks with the key.  Depress – trunk
is open.  Unless the whole thing is shot.  If jamming, you may want to press
down on the trunk while performing the above.


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I recently bought a fairly decent looking 4000CS in Denver, and it for sure
does have a lot of the common problems(next thread), along with a trunk that
doesn't want to open. There are lots of spare parts in the trunk, so go figure
why I need them :P When I first had a look at the car, I couldn't get the
trunk open, I asked the owner and he showed me a trick to get it open.
It was by inserting the key, push it in slightly, turn it to the right, press
in the key(or lock cylinder) and jank open the trunk - this for sure did work,
I tried it several times with no problems.
Now it wont open at all. The key hole is vertical (meaning locked, default
position, it never did go completely horizontal when opening, maybe off by 20
degrees), I can turn it a bit to the right, press it down for the opening
mechanism, but it will not engage and open up. It also seems that the trunk is
not completely closed, as there is some play.
My question is: can i go trough a tail light (one is broken, so no problem),
punch it in with a screw driver, or drill it out? I realized that the trunk is
a big plastic molding piece and there is no way to go through there, unless I
missed it. Rear speaker holes... I had a look trough them, but my hands wont
be able to fit trough there...

Any suggestions, insider knowledge or previous experiences on opening the


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