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I’d suggest keep in mind that the exhaust setup going with a 20V is not
trivial and adds to the expense.  I know the MC (1 or 2) can make plenty of
power and torque.  The WX is a nice engine, but almost too low of compression.
Megasuirt makes it fairly straightforward and inexpensive to implement an EFI
conversion on a 10V, and you can keep your old exhaust setup rather than doing
with the dual setup which add more cost and effort.
I’ll pass you my notes as soon as I get them compiled.  I recommend going with
MS1V2 or MS2 if you want to do ignition too.  I felt that I wasn’t going to do
that much better job at mapping ignition out than Audi engineers did with the
MAC-14 setup.  Motronic is nice, but adds about $800 to the cost.   The
combination of MS + MAC-14 is working out well so far and  Cody and others
have had the MAC-11 setup tuned to outrageous numbers.


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Well it's no secret what option I chose when it came time to make a motor

But my feeling is why go to all the work and still be stuck dealing with
finnicky CIS?  Yes MC-2 is technologically superior to the WX - higher
compression, dual knock sensors, a little more displacement, but it still uses
CIS and layout is the same.  So I think you may still be saddled with CIS
starting and warm-up stumble issues.  For me that was 90% of the reason to go
with a 3B - I was tired of chasing my tail.  If you stick with 10V think about
an EFI conversion.

My .02

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... well, I got a call today ... rust in the cylinders on at least 2 pots ...
now I'm really glad I decided to have someone else work on the car!  :-)

So ... I've got many possible options at this point ... but the two I'm
thinking are my most likely solutions at this point are:

1) Keep the WX - pull the pistons, have them re-ringed and the cylinder bores
cleaned up.  I already have a head ready to go for the motor, so this is a
fairly easy option ... but then I'll still have a WX and a MAC-02 ...

2) Install an MC-2 engine - my feeling is that the 20v (3B/AAN) doesn't bring
that much more to the table, and the dual knock sensor and MAC-13 can be
tweaked ... and leave MegaSquirt options in the future.  

I thought I'd toss this one out for comment ... which is the best choice?
Is there some option I'm ignoring that would push me toward another option?

Does anyone know about any MC-2 engines available near the San Jose, CA area?
I have the wiring loom and the MAC-13 ... I'd need the engine and sensors.
I'd need to mix and match urq and MC-2 parts ... one thing I'd like to try to
work in is the fuel distributor with the position sensor on the airflow plate
... for trip computer use should I fit a digidash.  

... the last variable ... I have a set of the Wiseco pistons from the GB a
while ago.  They are oversize for the WX, I don't remember whether or not they
require boring out the MC ... should I go to the effort of reworking the new
motor to incorporate the pistons?  

It would be great to hear from someone who has gone down a similar road ...
I'd like to understand what points drove you to go the way you did ... 

Steve B
San Jos?, CA (USA)]

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