Alternator Question

Vittorio Bares Vittorio.Bares at
Sat Sep 22 11:57:04 PDT 2007

Well first - thanks to Dave and the list for the BTDT on the turbo hose.
Fit like a charm first shot, t-clamps, full 1.9bar :-)


Next - Alternator apparently weakening - measuring 12.9v on the climate
control diagnostic screen, goes to 10.9v if climate control is used,
barely over 12v if the radiator fan comes on (climate control off).


Settles in at 12.4v - measured at the battery w/multimeter and at the
jumper post upfront as well as directly off of the alternator.


Quick assessment by me - needs an alternator (did change out the
regulator w/a new one since the brushes were barely 8mm - no change).


Is there anything else I should check/do before dropping $200 for an



Vittorio Bares 


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