MC vs KH take 2

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Mon Sep 24 15:52:42 PDT 2007

Well thats a bust then. I'm planning on using an NF head with the larger
intake valve. Plus if I've got to bore it I'd rather bore one of my MC
blocks and go to JE pistons since this is for my car that was previously
north of 500hp before the carnage, I'll just have to save up and ask Santa
for pistons, HA!

-Cody Forbes
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Ameer Antar wrote:
> Ya, crank and rods are the same dimensions, but you'll have to bore
> out .060 just to get to stock MC bore. You'll have to use a KH head
> as well; the coolant passages are different. I know the oil filter
> housing is different (2 filters instead of one, but most likely you
> can swap in an MC housing). The oil pump's slightly different, but
> other than that not much else. I've run a KH pretty hard with forged
> pistons. Engine can take it, but the fuel system is another story.
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>> Why didn't I think of this sooner??
>> I'm in need of a block for my "fast" 5ktq after melting a chunk of
>> cylinder wall, but my spare MC blocks are both in need of boring (one
>> is rusted, one is worn out). I've got two KH engines sitting arround
>> collecting dust and rust, but I don't want to use the cast pistons.
>> Is there any reason that anybody knows of that I couldn't use MC
>> pistons in a KH block and call it an MC? Crank and rods the same?
>> I've got plenty of spare MC internals to do whatever needed.
>> -Cody Forbes
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