A6 CV Joint replacement

Kyle Ledford kledford at columbus.rr.com
Tue Apr 1 06:56:57 PDT 2008

Ok  following the recommendations of many listers, I found someone near my
work (Middle of nowhere south eastern Ohio) who would do just the CV joints
and not the half shaft. Well My guy now has had a heart attack and will be
out of commission for a while. With all the rain and snow in the last month
or so here my torn boot has lost all its grease.. the sound is horrid. 


Ok so back to me doing it..  I know all the options on removal.   three arm
puller, re-thread the hub bolt  etc..  here is my deal do I need to remove
much of anything else.   Loosen hub bolt  remove wheel finish hub bolt and
can I just swing the hub out of the way.. anything else ?  never done these
before so it will be a first time.  Also I am having trouble finding the
14mm hub/axle bit to remove the bolt. Went to sears..   haven't asked but
did not find it when I was there..  


Now I have done a full brake job on this car but that's the most I have had




2001 Audi A6q 2.8

1990 Audi 20vCQ


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