Do I have abs or not?

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Apr 2 11:32:00 PDT 2008

elweasel at wrote:
> When I bought the 1990 80 Quattro, the ad stated that the car has abs. Now he did state that the master cylinder needed replacing. He included a used replacement.  Now this is like the MC that I removed from the quattro.
> This is like the MC that the guy included.
> At first I did not notice that the two are different. Not until all the brake fluid leaked onto the floor.
> After reading the bentley guide, I still can not find the abs unit. I traced the brake line and it goes from the proport. valve to the wheel. It never goes to the abs unit. So I think the car had abs, got into an accident and to cheaply fix it, replaced the brakes with non-abs brakes. My problem now is I don't know which MC to buy. I think the non-abs master cylinder. Any opinions? Thanks

Your car should have had ABS when built.  However, a lot of these old 
ABS systems stop working properly and are hard to fix.  I "killed" mine 
by removing the relay, the idiot light, and the dash switch (so no one 
would ever get confused into thinking the car has it).  Another 
"solution" would be, I suppose, to bypass the ABS unit itself.

The ABS unit is the big black rectangular thingie between the master 
cylinder and the coolant reservoir, with a fat wire bundle coming out 
the front.

Huw Powell

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