Fuel Tank Vent Update-

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Wed Apr 2 11:52:50 PDT 2008

> Victim is 87 4kcsq.  Issue has been fuel pump noise. 
> I've been afraid to go out of town with it, had an
> in-town mission & tried taking off the gas cap to go
> home.  Pump was nice & quiet, unlike lately.  Got to
> the end of my driveway & it got loud & stayed loud
> until I shut off engine.  I spoze I'll try it again
> for the next in-town mission.  Could be going-bad fuel
> pump + fuel tank vent.

You seem to be fixated on the vent for some reason.  It almost certainly 
is not the problem.  But if you want to check it, it's the plastic line 
that runs along with the metal fuel lines, and goes to the charcoal 
canister (and some valves to the intake manifold) inside the right front 

Your car isn't dying, is it?  Just a noisy fuel pump?

As people have said, the pump can run noisy for years, although it does 
make one nervous.  It can't hurt to change the pre- and post-filters 
(much), and to check the accumulator to see if might need replacing.

Huw Powell



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