Odd 4K no start

DK proleonk at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 14:56:54 PDT 2008

Thanks for the prompt replies. I have verified spark by pulling a plug and
having it grounded on the strut and cranking and I see spark. This means
that my hall sensor, cap and rotor checks out. Car had a tuneup with new
plugs, rotor have less then 3k on them.
I smell fuel after cranking it several times, so I assume that I get fuel. I
bought a CIS injector puller recently, but not the gaskets/o rings yet, but
will pull an injector to double check.
Other question, what are those two round connectors on the right side of the
engine that I spliced back together? I know one is for the reverse lights,
but the others?

Grant, what do you mean by checking voltage at the wires? U mean resistance
from end to end? I have another set of wires and an extra additional
ignition coil.
Tony, I figured that the 4k only uses the distributors hall sensor for the
ignition system. I assume the reference pins that are mentioned in the
Bentley where only for the turbo engines...


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