Odd 4K no start

Jeremy Vaughan st.hawk at comcast.net
Sun Apr 6 22:27:06 PDT 2008

Air leak?
Make sure the intake boot is tight on the CIS plate body. These are 
hard as rocks now days and often are difficult to get back on properly.
Check the  hoses that come off the boot as well. I think someone 
mentioned the ground on the side of the manifold, sometimes the wire 
breaks and  looks like its still attached. This will cause intermittent 
  firing. I imagine you already checked the main fuse... but its worth 
looking at.

On Apr 6, 2008, at 11:16 PM, DK wrote:

> Spark plug wires, ignition coil, cap & rotor check out to Bentley 
> specs. I
> have verified that I get fuel into the cylinders by jumping the fuel 
> pump
> relay and lifting the CIS plate, I could see a little puddle in the
> Cylinders. Verified compression, all good 125psi (at 7000ft). Did not 
> burn
> oil or coolant before.
> I tried messing around with the distributor but still no luck. It 
> seems like
> it wants to catch, but nada. I think it actually backfired last nite 
> when
> cranking it.
> Any other suggestions? I will try some starting fluid to rule out if 
> it is a
> fuel problem...
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