95 A6 questions

Beatty, Robert BeattyR at ummhc.org
Thu Apr 10 05:28:28 PDT 2008

>How about the cam and crank holders for a T-Belt job? 
I rented my from Blaufernugen and I was quite happy with everything.
BTW I wish all cars were as easy as the 12v to do a timing belt on, it's
a piece of cake.
>Sunroof seal? 
I'd start with Chris at Force5auto.com
>Oh, and Why didn't anyone tell me what a PITA it is to remove the
alternator and starter in this car?? It took me 5 hours to get them out,
and 3 days trying to figure out how the hell I can fit the alternator
back in its hole without removing water hoses... and I am still working
on it. 
>Thanks, Tom
Heh, yea it's a bit of a pain, the starter upper bolt can be a pain to
losen, make sure you have the car far enough off the ground to get in
there with a long enough breaker bar.  The alt is annoying also.  I cant
remember if I took the rear cover off while it was on the car and then
sort of rolled it out of that location or not.  You don't need to take
the water hoses off though, that I can confirm.  You just have to keep
rotating it and it will pop in there.

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