Fuel Pipe Leak A100 T44

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Thu Apr 10 08:46:17 PDT 2008

> Went to start the car (1988 Audi 100, UK base model) and heard petrol
> spraying out near the rear wheel, quickly making a large puddle.
> I can not see exactly where it is coming from, but it appears to be a
> leak in the fuel supply pipe, possibly out of sight, in the section
> where it rises vertically around the fuel tank.
> Have checked the archives, but most leaks encountered seem to be
> underneath in the straight section, near one of the supports.
> Has anyone replaced the fuel pipes? It looks like it might be difficult
> to get the pipe routed correctly.

I replaced one on a coupe with a used good pipe once.  Awkward, a lift 
helped, but not too bad.

> Does the tank have to be removed? This would be a problem as it is
> almost full.

I don't know on your model, but you can always drain the tank into safe 
containers (if you only have one jug, fill up all the other tanks 
nearby, make friends)

> Do new pipes come pre bent?

If yours are still available from the dealer, yes, they do.  They'll 
probably have a few extra bends due to handling, based on the 4kq ones I 
saw once, but they will have all the "right" bands in them.

> Could I replace part of the pipe with a flexible section, assuming I
> could make good connections? I'm thinking something similar to the
> braided section in the engine bay.

People have done that many times as a "patch job", with quite a few 
being left that way.  They double-clamp them to the metal pipe, at the 
very least.

A more correct repair would be to use appropriate metal pipe with 
pre-flared and fitted ends, and put the right fittings on the old pipe 
and flare it properly.

> Haynes and Vagcat.com refer to a fuel accumulator, but where is it ? I
> can't see it anywhere, but if present it will affect what pipe I need.

Don't know on your car, but it's usually after the pump.

> The car is currently in storage, and is not easy to move to a well
> ventilated area. The car has a few issues so is possibly not worth repairing.
> However, I'm still concerned about the safety aspect of all that fuel
> sitting there.

Well, a full tank is safer than an empty one, but as I said above, you 
could always drain it and move the fuel to another vehicle.  Although, 
the ventilation problem is... a problem.

Hope this helps somewhat.

Huw Powell



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