15" tire size on 90Q

Tess McMillan tessmc at eskimo.com
Thu Apr 10 18:16:15 PDT 2008

Aw dang, I was just going to fire off a reply and then realized since I'm
on the digest.... y'all probably saw the query and replied already, so my
answer won't help much.

At least I'll add my vote! I've tried different footprints and profiles
with 15" (between track tires and street tires) and HANDS DOWN prefer
205/50/15 for our cars.

I think 195/50 is _OK_ but it certainly isn't aggressive enough. My 80Q
doesn't tramline, so I am happier with the wider tire. I used to drive a
Spider and 205s were just too tramliney; the car would get stuck in every
truck rut there is. Have to cinch down to 195 there to get the nimbleness

For a while I had 205/55s for street and 205/50 for my track tires and it
was an annoyance swapping wheels. I'd always forget I had to jack
up a little higher to get the one wheel on after I had the other wheel
off. And this was always after I was already sitting on the ground,
balancing the wheel between my feet and my knees.... The 55s were a tad
'cushy' anyway. Hey, if you've got potholes in your area, maybe 55 is a
good idea. I didn't bother to check the measurements against OEM, though.
I think another lister posted those measurements!

I love buying tires!!! I wonder if it affects the price of oil.... &;-)

in Bellevue, WA USA

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