Fuel Pipe Leak A100 T44

Snoopy snoopy at noway.lt
Thu Apr 10 22:29:20 PDT 2008

ovalking wrote:
> Has anyone replaced the fuel pipes? It looks like it might be difficult
> to get the pipe routed correctly.
> Does the tank have to be removed? This would be a problem as it is
> almost full.
> Do new pipes come pre bent?
> Could I replace part of the pipe with a flexible section, assuming I
> could make good connections? I'm thinking something similar to the
> braided section in the engine bay.

I remember replacing only the broken part with simple flexible fuel hose, 
available at any decent parts shop. I didn't take the tank out, just lifted 
the car high enough. It was pretty hard job, required a lot of patience and 
small hands. The new line was working fine for about a year, until the car was 

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