No blinkers on 4kq

John Larson westcoast at
Fri Apr 11 13:17:51 PDT 2008

Ed said:  "I just fixed this issue on my urq. I had a front blinker bulb 
that was the wrong type that someone jammed in there and one of the 
little pins on the bulb base broke off. I was lucky that it was the 
first bulb I checked. Went to Advanced Auto and bought the exact bulb 
that is spec'd in the owner's manual and all is well." 

Funny, I was in an Autozone store a few weeks ago, and there were 2 
classes of bulbs:  Cheap Chinese junk (well, it would be junk if it were 
better) and expensive name brand specialty bulbs.  After determining 
they didn't have the correct tail light bulb for my '03 Jetta, I stopped 
by an "old line" local auto parts store, where they had a "Wagner" bulb 
to fit the application.  Furthermore, the name brand bulb was sold 
individually, rather in packs of 2, and was quite a bit less than half 
the price of the 2 pack at Autozone. 

In the day to day operation of my shop, I have occasion to buy from 
several of the local chain auto parts stores.  It's gotten to the point 
that I buy nothing from them other than Mobil 1, because the quality and 
availability is low, and the prices are high, despite what their 
advertising says. 


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